OnlineBound Podcast #19

Sarah Morgan on mental health challenges when you’re working online

April 14, 2022

In this interview with Sarah Morgan, you’ll learn some practical tips on preventing and dealing with mental health challenges when you work online.

There are many ways the world of online business can challenge our mental health: Being exposed to marketing messaging that makes you feel like you aren’t enough and you’re always missing out. Seeing success stories and income reports and comparing yourself to others. Dealing with money anxiety.

You aren’t in this alone. Tune in to hear about Sarah’s and Elena’s experiences with anxiety, and some practical tips on taking care of your mental health and getting help.

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About Sarah

Sarah Morgan is an Emmy-winning digital strategist who’s been blogging, designing, and creating content online for over 20 years. After ditching her corporate web design job in 2012 to build a successful freelance business, she shifted her focus to help other women entrepreneurs simplify their marketing strategies, show up with confidence, and grow their online businesses like a boss. She shares daily tips and advice at, on her podcast The Dare to Grow Show, and on social media @xosarahmorgan (Sarah’s Instagram).

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