OnlineBound Podcast #20

Kerstin Cable on podcasting as a tool for self-discovery, creativity and connection building

April 28, 2022

In this interview with Kerstin Cable, you’ll learn about the power of podcasting for online language teachers. 

Kerstin, who is a language teacher herself, has been podcasting since 2013. She sees podcasting as an opportunity to stand out so you can stop using low pricing or the number of certificates to attract students – and make people fall in love with you instead. 

If you’ve been asking yourself if it’s still worth creating a podcast when the market is already oversaturated, postponing podcasting because you think you need a product, first, or wondering how you can monetize your podcast, then this episode is for you.

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About Kerstin

Kerstin is a native German speaker and comes from the beautiful Moselle valley. She studied 6 languages in Germany and then packed them up and moved England, where she has added 4 more so far including her language crush, Welsh.

Kerstin has presented at universities and conferences. She’s been featured in the Guardian, the Cut, and on BBC Radio, and wants to change how the world sees language learning.

She is the host of the Fluent Show podcast, and author of 2 short books and 10+ online courses for independent language learners.


Instagram: @kerstin_fluent

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