Create an audio course in 5 days: a challenge 

This 5-day challenge will help you plan, price and create your first audio course. If you’ve been struggling to create an online course, only to discover how long it takes you and how expensive all the platforms are, an audio course is a way to go. No need to suffer through exhausting signature-course-value-proposition. No need to buy an expensive tool to make payments or host your course. No need to build a whole website. All the audio lessons inside the challenge will give you step-by-step guidance so you can create something small and simple. Your audio course can become a foundation for more robust programs and courses in the future. If you’ve never created courses or you’ve tried and quit because of how much work it takes, enroll now.

The event is live. Dates: May 6 – 10. Join and get access for 1 year.

Create an audio course in 5 days

Let me guess: you started creating a course but…

the more you work on it, the bigger it becomes. You add a payment method. Build a sales page. Perhaps create a whole website just to host your 1 signature course. You “package your expertise” just like the coach told you. You add more value on top of existing value… to justify the price.

And after all this work, the course never sees the customer. It sucks. You’ve been working so hard only to see this thing grow out of control.

What you need is something small, manageable and actionable. Something you can create in days and sell more easily. Like a small audio course.

Create an audio course in 5 days

What if you could create a course in 5 days?

And not spend money on payment processing software? And not sign up for podia, teachable or thinkific? What if you had a roadmap and a low-tech toolkit that allowed you to create, pre-sell and test-drive your very first course (that you could later develop into a passive course or a signature coaching program)? And what if you didn’t have to spend a penny on new cameras, green screens and expensive video editing? What if you could use what’s already there: your headset, your computer and a simple voice chat platform for hosting? What if you could sell right away to your current clients?

Why an audio course?

We can’t deny that spending hours in front of our screens creates digital fatigue. Language learning apps like Babbel and Duolingo learned that quickly, launching their first 100% audio lessons to help with real-life conversations and pronunciation. Podcast platforms are booming, allowing people to learn on the go, even while doing the dreaded chores!

An audio course for language learners can be used as a resource to sharpen their skills, get new insights into language and practice certain drills or shadowing. During this challenge you will learn how to put together an audio course quickly and test it without spending hundreds of dollars on software, equipment or course-hosting websites.

What other teachers have said…

All of them are online language teachers, looking for ways to teach more sustainably and creating products that won’t break their bank or claim all of their free time.

More info on the challenge:

  1. Dates: May 6 – 10.
  2. 1 (short) audio lesson a day (+ 3 bonus lessons).
  3. Access to a 5-day chat on Telegram where you can ask any questions and get from the coach and peers.
  4. A simple audio-course building toolkit (daily worksheets).
  5. Examples of topics for most common niches.
  6. A live Q&A via zoom.

All recordings and materials will be uploaded on this website, as well as on Telegram. If you can’t follow live, you can always access the recordings (and even the chat) later. If you follow the framework, you’ll have the draft of your audio course ready in 5 days.

client feedback 4

“With this course… you’ve really shown us how much we can do with just a little, and there is endless value in that!”

The 5-day plan at a glance:

Pre-course bonus lesson: a contract with myself.

Day 1: 3 types of audio courses online teachers can create (with examples).

Bonus lesson: From generic and “interesting” to specific and “crunchy” (making your course irresistible).

Day 2: how to make your content manageable so your course sells.

Day 3: how to make your content actionable so students get results.

Day 4: simplifying the tech part: tools ANY teacher can use for free.

Day 5: keeping students engaged until the end (the add-ons for your course).

Bonus lesson: on selling your product: sales AREN’T about these 3 things.

On top of that, you’ll get access to our chat (only available May 6 – 10) so you can ask any questions in the 5 days of the challenge, an invite to a live Q&A and a tiny workbook with the audio-course building toolkit + a treasury of ideas for what your course may be. I have endless ideas on language learning courses, so buckle up!

So a few words about me

Hey! I’m Elena Mutonono, and I’ve been in the online language teaching world over 14 years full-time. I started in 2010 when I found myself in a new country, without a job and pending employment paperwork.

My first goal was to make what local teachers were making monthly (a goal I reached within 6 months, without the help of platforms, just by word-of-mouth). I also discovered what burnout digital fatigue felt like, and after I had my first child I began looking for ways to work smarter. Like, making more money by working less without editing “signature courses.”

While figuring that out, the war in Ukraine destroyed 95% of my 1:1 business, and after 6 months of hoping things would work themselves out, I rediscovered myself as an accent trainer and a coach for online language teachers. Since then, I’ve launched and helped launch dozens of courses, and I’m here to help you make that dream a tangible reality.

I have a special gift of making things smart and simple because…who has time for elaborate courses? If this is something you’re looking for, this challenge is for you.

Elena Mutonono

Have questions?

I'm out of town/busy with life the week of the challenge.

You can work on this challenge at any time. The audio lessons + the workbook will be available for 1 year. You can sign in with Telegram and access the chat even after the challenge. The Q&A recording will be uploaded as well.

How much time do I need daily?

The challenge materials are short (15 min/day max). What will take more time is your own creation process. But I’ve taken all the questions I get from teachers who spend 2 years never-creating an ever-growing signature course and boiled them down to the bare bones. So the tasks I’ll give you will not take you more than 1 hour to complete. You can cut that time by creating a draft and just using pen and paper to put the outline and draft the content for the lessons.

Do you teach how to market and sell a course?

Not in this challenge. This is all about creating something that’s ready to sell. You can then market and sell on your own or join me inside the Smart Teacher’s Library to learn how to market and sell. The latter is optional.

Refund policy

Because of the nature of digital, immediately downloadable products, specifically the materials for this challenge, all sales are final and there’re no refunds available. If however you happen to purchase this by mistake, I will refund you before the challenge begins. Thank you!

What does 1-year access mean?

You can access all the materials on this platform for 1 year. All materials are downloadable so you can save them on your computer and don’t worry about being on this platform (ever). I’ve chosen to give 1-year access to encourage all my participants to implement the lessons instead of letting them stay untouched for 1 year. I think we all will agree that “unlimited access” for a 5-day actionable challenge is a lovely phrase that only encourages more procrastination 😉

My phone has no memory. I can't install another voice chat app.

The Telegram app (used for the challenge) can be installed on your computer. You can uninstall it in 5 days, but I guarantee you that you’ll want to save the chat somehow 😉 The concept of teaching through a voice chat app can be replicated on WhatsApp or other apps you’re more comfortable using. You can likewise host your audio course on Soundcloud. If you’re opposed to teaching languages through anything but Zoom lessons, this challenge is not for you.

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