Smart Teacher’s Library Membership

Gentle payment plans

Gentle payment plans (over longer periods of time) are available for teachers who earn less than $1,000/mo and have no access to governmental or family support. Gentle payment plans are available for parents who are caring for young kids and learning to build a business (while the kids are napping), online teachers caring for their ailing parents, online teachers living in war zones or displaced due to war or political unrest, online teachers with disabilities or caring for disabled family members. Nothing should keep you from making your dream a reality. These plans are not refundable.

When you join the Library you get immediate access to:

  • 70+ short mini-tutorials focused on marketing your business (regularly updated).
  • Printable templates, mini-journals, calendars, etc.
  • A forum in Slack.
  • Monthly Library newsletter with Elena’s behind-the-scenes reports.
  • Monthly group coaching sessions, self-coaching tools, and doodle lessons.
  • Unlimited lifetime access to all the online courses (current and future).
  • Free tickets to the Online Teacher Summit (you + your friend!)
  • Quarterly pre-recorded Q&A (submit a question, get the answers in a recording).

Best part: all the benefits are yours for a lifetime.

Note: Last enrollment of lifetime members is in September 2023.

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