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Learn how to reduce your 1:1 lesson load, regain work/life balance, and get more predictable income.
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Many online language teachers start out their journey with lots of enthusiasm. A day full of 1:1 classes mean meeting different people around the world, having fun conversations and getting paid at the end of each day. #dreamlife

But the reality hits hard after months of overloaded schedule turn your language teaching passion into a series of burnouts. You become an employee a big platform or a victim of the 1:1 model where you can’t say make changes for fear of losing income.

Online courses seem like the only option, but how do you make the time to research, create and eventually sell them? Especially since you have such a love-hate relationship with social media.

What if you could teach languages asynchronously? Send speaking prompts through a voice chat app or coach your student to write through Google docs? What if you didn’t need to show up for a class at all, taking less time to do the work and more time to finally enjoy your business of freedom?

In my Masterclass “From 1 to Infinity” I teach you how to do it with the tools you already have.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Offer and sell your program without social media presence (start with the students you have).
  • Frame your offer so it’s more appealing (forget the 10-month coaching packages).
  • Price your program based on value, not the number of hours you teach (with examples).
  • Create content for a program like that so you don’t overdeliver.
  • Evaluate and improve your program so it’s ready for the masses.
  • Build your audience quickly without a robust social media account of your own.

I’ve taught this Masterclass since 2016. Here’s what some teachers have said:

Sell asynchronous program results
Sell asynchronous program feedback
sales training testimonial
Sell asynchronous program change

In short, here’s what’s inside:

  • Part 1: My story as an ESL teacher/new mom experimenting with asynchronous program formats.
  • Part 2: A template for a program that sells (+ a list of most common mistakes teachers make).
  • Part 3: How to offer your program to more people (without a huge social media following).
  • Bonus 1: A Program Readiness Checklist Class (Live on January 23, 2024 + recording).
  • Bonus 2: 2 interviews with real online language teachers who created and sold their programs.

When you sign up, you get immediate lifetime access to all the materials + any live classes in the future.

Sell asynchronous program story
Sell asynchronous program results
Sell asynchronous program testimonial
“I put together a 4-week Intensive Spanish Speaking Course… The price point is exactly what I would charge for a pack of private lessons but I have less 1-on-1 time with the student.
Last night I reached out to a few select students with a link to the course description and a 30% discount. This morning, one of those students decided that she wanted to move to this model rather than doing 1-on-1 classes this month! A total win!”

– Dominique Cordero, Spanish with Dominique.

Hey! My name’s Elena Mutonono, and I’ve been working with online language teachers and coaches for over 10 years. Prior to that, I spent 4 years teaching online, trying to figure out a sustainable model that worked for someone who had limited funds #newimmigrant, couldn’t access affordable coaching options, and suffered from lack of sleep #newmother. I was driven to make asynchronous teaching work, but I had to do it on my terms because my online audience was tiny and I had no idea how to run ads. Back then the idea of not being paid by the hour seemed like a fairy tale. But it’s a reality today! I quadrupled my income while working 15-20 hours a week. It took me years though to figure things out, that’s why today I share my lessons in a 3-hour workshop so you can reach your dream faster. I started running this Masterclass several in 2016, first as a program, then as a course, and now — as a condensed class. It’s short, actionable and you can get results right away. If not, you can send me a message and I’ll help you find a solution!


Each part of the masterclass is 1 hour long. Here’re more details:

Part 1: My story of experimenting with different language teaching formats.

In this part of the training I’ll talk about different formats of online language teaching, why I chose to radically reduce the number of 1:1 classes and go for a more sustainable model (hint: burnout, kids in the house, waning passion for the only thing I loved doing). I’ll share with you how an asynchronous program is different from group classes and the critical mindset shifts I adopted to make it work.

Part 2: A template of a program that sells (+ teachers’ most common mistakes).

In this part I’m talking about the anatomy of an asynchronous program: what are the components, how they work, what prompts are and why they’re best when helping A2 clients develop their productive skills even more. I’ll share the most common mistakes (in pricing mainly, but also — overdelivering), and what to do about those.

Part 3: How to offer your program to more people (without a huge social media following).

In this part I’m talking about offering and selling your program. Nothing  happens until you make offers, so I’ll share how you can make offers effectively, depending on what stage of business you’re in. It’s easier the first time, but with each consecutive sale the strategy has to change as you’ll boldly grow your audience and bring new people into your community.

And the bonuses!

#1: On January 23, 2024 I’m doing a live session called “Program Readiness Checklist Class.” In this class I will show you what I would do if I were teaching 1:1 ESL classes on a platform (or outside of a platform) and wanted to move away from them to an asynchronous format. In each phase of this process (from A1 to C2 😉 I will list what exactly your steps are. Take each step and get your results in the next several months!

#2: I’ve included 2 case studies with the teachers from the Smart Teacher’s Library, who ended up selling their programs in different niches. Listen to Linda Riolo as she shares her story of crafting a program based on her best-selling product — podcast scripts. Also learn from Lucy Samuel who talked about creating her first productized service of Resume Review that gave her lots of flexibility and didn’t require her to spend time 1:1.

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As a certified Heartwork Journaling Coach, I use doodles and mindset tools when I teach my classes and coach online teachers. In the Masterclass I share my story and lessons I’ve learned through doodles to make the learning process more approachable and memorable. Make no mistake: simple creativity doesn’t mean simplistic. Doodling is a tool to engage both your artistic and rational brain so you can make faster connections and apply the materials without feeling overwhelmed or confused. After almost 10 years of coaching work, I find that doodling helps people learn faster and adds more fun into the often dreaded subjects of marketing and sales. ~ Elena Mutonono

What happens after I enroll?

  • You’ll be redirected to my course page where you can log in and start watching right away.
  • You’re receive an email with the links to log in the platform (for future reference).
  • You can implement the lessons as you’re watching them. No need to cover everything.
  • You can send me a DM inside the dashboard or connect via email if you have questions.

You will get more confidence as you take action. The masterclass gives you all the tools you need to make it happen, and they’re all available to you right now.

(c) 2016-2024, Elena Mutonono

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