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Tired of 1:1 lessons?

What if I told you that there’s a smarter, less exhausting way to teach languages online?

That you already have all you need to switch from labor-intensive 1-on-1 classes to other formats so you can teach less while earning more money?

What if I told you that this way doesn’t only benefit you, but helps your clients get better results and increase their motivation?

You can teach through voice chats. Or Google docs. Coach through pre-recorded videos. Or run book clubs.

Spend 15 minutes a week per client. Help them achieve their goals without depending on you zooming with them for 2 hours a week.

No need to spend thousands of dollars on a course that teaches you how to make courses.

No need to invest $$$ in course platforms, video and payment processing software.

But how do you sell something that’s not 1:1 classes when all you’ve been doing is selling 1:1 classes?

How do you show to your students that they can get great results without zooming with you 2 a week?

In this 3-part training I’m going to show you sustainable sales strategies, evaluation techniques and self-coaching mindset exercises to help you achieve consistent sales of programs, products and courses so you can spend more time with family, read books and learn languages!

Sales training testimonial 2
sales training testimonial
sales training testimonial
sales training testimonial
Sales training testimonial 2

These online teachers struggled to go beyond selling 1:1 classes so they can gain more freedom and flexibility. While 1:1 classes help pay bills, they don’t help you create a sustainable business. What they do create is burnout.

When you teach from 10 AM to 8 PM you can’t find the time for a lunch break, let alone a week off. You dream of creating a course that will solve all your problems. But the course turns into an overwhelming monstrosity that you can’t market or sell.

There’re lots of ways to teach languages online in a more sustainable way: through programs, courses, digital products, reviews, memberships and clubs — but how do you sell something that’s not a 60-minute increment?

Now, how do you persuade your client to try it out? How do you help them see the value of your offer that has less time with you and more time for them to practice?

In this training I’m going to share tools and strategies that have worked for hundreds of online language teachers in my community at the Smart Teacher’s Library and for my coaching clients. The training involves practical and manageable strategies for teachers with little audiences as well as mindset exercises to help you launch and sell at scale with confidence.

“I put together a 4-week Intensive Spanish Speaking Course… The price point is exactly what I would charge for a pack of private lessons but I have less 1-on-1 time with the student.
Last night I reached out to a few select students with a link to the course description and a 30% discount. This morning, one of those students decided that she wanted to move to this model rather than doing 1-on-1 classes this month! A total win!”

– Dominique Cordero, La Mariposa Spanish Lessons.

The training is 3 parts. You can access the recordings at any point.

  • Part 1: How to sell an asynchronous program to current and past clients.
  • Part 2: How to use failed launches to boost your future sales through reflection and analysis.
  • Part 3: How to sell at scale and self-coach through fear, anxiety and entitlement.

Every participant of the training gets following bonuses:

  1. 1-hour bonus training: how to find clients overseas and not depend on fluctuating currency.
  2. Planting seeds doodle lesson.
  3. My interview with an online teacher who turned her podcast into a digital product and program.
sales training testimonial
transl. from Russian: “Just sold my asynchronous Russian-speaking program. 1 client!”

The training is pre-recorded. Access for 3 months, watch, download to keep forever.



Sales training part 1: How to sell an asynchronous program to current and past clients.


If you’ve only sold bundles of lessons and relied on word-of-mouth or a platform algorithm to do marketing, selling an asynchronous program will be a challenge. Not because “teachers are not born to be marketers” but because selling a program that’s not based on the number of hours requires a different skill set.

In this training I will show to you how to start selling asynchronous programs with the tools you already have. I’ll share with you the tools that are available to you right now and the ready-made scripts to make your sales clear. No advertising or platform investment required, especially if you sell for the first time.


Sales training part 2: How to use failed launches to boost your future sales through reflection and analysis.


If you’ve sold asynchronous programs a few times, you may have noticed that there comes a point of plateau. Then your sales decline. This is not because “teachers are not sales people,” but because selling consistently is different from selling your program for the first time.

In this training I will talk about failure and how you can use it to inform your next steps. You will learn about how to sell again, beyond your clientele and how to grow your audience in an organic way. Learning, evaluating and selling even after people don’t buy is how you begin to sell with more confidence.


Sales training part 3: How to sell at scale and self-coach through fear, anxiety and entitlement.


To the teachers who have been selling asynchronous programs for several years: you may wonder what systems to set in place to sell at scale. Perhaps you want to bring in more people and double or triple your income, but you’re discovering that the basic sales methods you used 2-3 years ago aren’t working.

In this training I will share how you can sell at scale and what you can do to prepare yourself for a winning launch. We’ll talk about investment, evaluation, and making your own plan to attract more people and improve what’s already selling so it’s more sustainable.


And don’t forget the bonuses:

  • 1-hour bonus training: how to find clients overseas and not depend on fluctuating currency. This is for teachers who live in countries with weaker economies and want to use their business to create their own economy.
  • Planting seeds doodle lesson. This is a powerful lesson that will put in perspective the work that you’re now doing in your business and the steps you’ll take for your future.
  • My interview with Linda Riolo who turned her Italian podcast into a product and a program. This is an excellent resource for teachers who create their own materials and wonder if there’s a way to monetize them.

“What if it doesn’t work for me?”

Learning to sell is a skill, and acquiring a new skill means you will most likely:

  • make mistakes
  • fail
  • feel like crap
  • feel sorry for yourself
  • make a choice to continue feeling sorry for yourself or to get up
  • get up and analyze using the strategy I’ll share in the training
  • make changes and try again
  • keep putting in consistent effort until you get the result.

And isn’t the learning process worth the result you so desperately want — a business that will (finally) give you the freedom you wanted when you signed up for it?

sales training testimonial

So what do you have to lose?

Years ago I had a dream to make money while being away from my computer. I created a huge course that didn’t sell and gave up. But the dream continued nudging me. That, and 2 toddlers who wouldn’t want their mom sneaking away every other hour to teach English to a student from a far-away land.

I got tired of sneaking classes into my every vacation.

Tired of always selling out my time and then burning out.

Tired of having zero creative ideas and having no strength left to teach.

So I went back to experimenting a variety of formats and did it until things worked.

Since 2019, I’ve been taking the whole month of July off. No email. No social media. Just reading and spending time with kids. And traveling!

Also taking courses and getting curious about the stuff I love doing.

And I continued making money through the sales of programs, products and courses.

Elena Mutonono image

Who am I and how can I help you?


My name is Elena Mutonono, and I began teaching online back in 2008 (remember Skype?). I’ve seen the landscape of online teaching change and grow, and I’ve learned to adapt, innovate, fail and try (many) new things.

One of the things I wished I had when I started my journey, was access to smart and easy tools and an assurance that I can do this despite many failures and limitations.

Most webinars I attended back in the day, told me I could *only* succeed with a large audience, or high-cost advertising, or super-expensive software for course creation, or any other number of things I had to first get before I could do the thing I wanted.

This, of course, was frustrating. I was a new immigrant, living on a shoe-string budget, taking care of 2 kids. I didn’t have much time, money or technical knowledge to build platforms and pump $$$ into advertising.

So I used the little that I had: my 1:1 clients and free tools to create my first scrappy programs. And that worked! I was able to make money, invest back in my business and then pay for advertising, expensive courses and software.

To make a long story short, I know what it means to start small and humble. And I will show how small and humble tools can still help you build sustainability, no matter where you’re from.

Also, I teach exclusively online language teachers because I’ve been in this industry since 2008, and I know the realities of “our world.” And, I’m a language nerd.

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This training is for teachers ready to take action and move towards sustainable and scaleable online teaching.

The training will be your first step in a series of many steps you will take towards your goal.

If you want different results in your business, more freedom and flexibility, now is the time to make it happen!

(c) 2023, Elena Mutonono

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