Smart Teacher's Hub

Create and sell your first program without hustling 1:1 lessons


Are you overwhelmed by the number of 1:1 clients you teach every day? Do you feel burdened by endless lesson prep and marketing?

Smart Teacher’s Hub is a 2-week intensive group program for online language teachers who want to stop hustling and teach fewer 1:1 clients.

With the guidance of a coach and the support of other program participants you will be able to narrow down your program focus, identify potential clients and sell to them.


Want to design a program that will be attractive and sustainable?

Join our Smart Teacher’s Hub.

Here’s what my clients say:

I wasn’t sure if it was for me, if I was ‘enough’ on my journey for this work and if I’d have enough time for it daily….[My perspective has changed and now I see] that having a niche, as scary as that is, will be helpful to catch the right clients. That it’s important for me to communicate what I believe throughout my copy. For me to envision my ideal client to whom I write my emails and blogposts. Also, that change takes time and work. But little and often is key!
Lisa De Jong

I have a much clearer focus. I am more motivated than ever. I am excited for the future and now have a direction. Also with a little bit of hard work, anything is possible. Personally I was very happy [with the program]. It was just long enough to make us work hard but it wasn’t too intimidating. I like working with google docs so the tasks and assignments were easily accessible and the feedback and support have been second to none.
Gayle Macdonald

I feel that before I was driving a 500FIAT and now a Ferrari. It is incredible how things, the prospective etc. can change in two weeks. I know it is only the start, but I know my direction now.
I am not wondering around like before, I found my way! and this is a lot to take from a two weeks program. Again all my respect for your work Elena!
Barbara Rocci

Here’s how it works:

◘ Fill out the application below.

◘ I’ll contact you within 2 business days and if you’re a good fit for the program I’ll send you the link to pay.

◘ After you pay you’ll receive an email with simple instructions: how to join our online hub and which assignments to complete.

◘ You’ll receive 2-3 tasks a week and get plenty of personalized feedback.

◘ You can ask questions, share your impressions in our hub.

◘ You have unlimited access to my expertise and the community of like-minded professionals for 2 weeks.

◘ At the end of 2 weeks, the entire team meets for a 1-hour group coaching call.

What do you get when you join the Hub?

A workbook with materials on how to create and launch a program (you can reuse it in the future)


2 weeks of interaction and unlimited feedback

Access to a mentor (moi) who can help you get unstuck

Email templates for pitches and offers

A group coaching call at the end of the program
A Bonus 1:1 coaching session (30 minutes)

Is this program for you?

Here are the must-haves for anyone thinking of taking this program:

  • a full or semi-full schedule of 1:1 lessons online
  • ability to set aside 1 a day for the next 2 weeks.
  • a desire to learn, adapt and have fun in the process.
  • willingness and openness to making mistakes.


Here’s what other participants say:

“[I recommend] to trust Elena and her experience with her own business but also her experience with others. And to ask themselves honestly if they are ready to put the work in and if their beliefs around online teaching/business align with Elena’s. I’d recommend them to read her blog posts and watch a few of her videos.”

Lisa De Jong


“They should expect to actively participate, help others and don’t be afraid to ask for help. You do need to clear your schedule as it is intensive but so worth it. Above all be excited to take on a new challenge and completely change your mindset, be open to advice and be prepared to dig deep and think about yourself, your current methods and ‘forget’ what you thought you knew. Oh and be ready to reap the rewards but know it is an ongoing thing, the hard work really starts when you’ve finished, so don’t think of it as a quick fix, more like a springboard to help you on your way.”

Gayle Macdonald


“I would tell them to go for it because it’s a very useful exercise and you can meet some interesting people with varied experiences. I would recommend looking at the website and blog because that gives a good idea of the course. They should expect an intense experience with lots of reflection and self-analysis.”

Anna Frances Lo Mastro,


“Don’t worry about not having ideas – your environment will be one that inspires ideas. And when those ideas do come, share them, as the value is in the feedback and comments from you (Elena) and your peers.”

Karina Pearl Thorne,


“I would recommend to try it only if they feel ready to think: oh basically I have to change most of my work of the last year/years – they have to be ready to reshape all the format of his/her teaching/website etc and also mind-set. You have to have an open-mind and be courageous . It is not easy, it is a program where there is not space for too much criticism or doubts. Right to have them, but you have to come over them right the way and do your work! Plus for people who want to change something in their business now not in one year or so.

Barbara Rocci,

How much does it cost?

Your investment is $300, and payment plans are available.

If you do all the work and apply the lessons you’ve learned you will be able to return this investment in 3-6 months.


(c) 2018, Elena Mutonono

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