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You’ve read books and gone through courses on how to teach online. You’ve labored over your website and you’ve fiddled with the social media.

Your stream of clients has seen its ebb and flow, and you’ve gotten to the plateau stage where nothing seems to work. You begin doubting if your website is attractive enough if your social media strategy effective, if you’ll ever hustle less.

You feel guilty that you work all the time.

And then you feel guilty that you don’t work enough.

You wonder if you should hire a coach, but the investment scares you… Are you ready? What if the coach won’t help you accomplish what you need to get done? How long should you wait before you invest?

I remember these thoughts going through my mind a few years ago when my first online teaching business hit the rocks. The thought of investing $500 into 1 session with a coach was overwhelming.

There I was, struggling to pay $19 a month for an email marketing service (that I didn’t know how to use properly) — how the heck would I find $500 for just 1 hour of help? I didn’t need an hour, I needed many hours…

A turning point happened when I broke out of my shell: joined a mentoring program, connected with people like me and began learning from those who knew more than me.

Then I began sharing what I knew with other online teachers, through my blog and the youtube channel.

I learned that we all need a community. The whole purpose to learn from each other and save ourselves from months of researching.

Then I created the Smart Teacher’s Library – a place where online teachers and coaches can grow into business owners, interact with each other and get guidance from people who’ve done it before.

I’m Elena Mutonono,

the author and creator of the Smart Teacher’s Library. Together with Veronika Palovska — my brand + web wizard and co-conspirator — we’ve designed this place to combine the best elements of an online course and a support group.

Unlike an online course, the materials in the Library can standalone. Resources include bite-sized tutorials, substantial workshops and both short and in-depth training sessions. All of them come with practical worksheets, checklists, and guides.

Unlike a huge social media group where people are “lurking” or “getting ready,” those who join the Library are ready to work. We don’t build a pie in the sky someday in a land far away. We talk lead magnets, sales funnels, automated systems, delegation strategies like we talk about the weather.* Then we go and do the work.

*(If you’ve heard of lead magnets, opt-ins, and funnels but aren’t quite sure what they are, this is definitely the place for you. These resources and knowledge will be critical for you growing from teacher to business owner.)

We make the time for learning, growing and supporting one another, and we don’t make excuses.

And by the way, that’s why we get our work done.

“… An excuse is merely a wild goose chase, something that people say … to minimize the seriousness of the opportunity, to hide. […] Excuses … are merely fear out loud. […] Knowing what’s holding you back is a smart way to go forward.”

Seth Godin

“Excuses are merely fear out loud.”

What are your excuses? What stories have you been telling yourself so long that you now believe them?

➣ Not enough time?

➣ Not enough money?

➣ Not enough formal “education”? (AKA imposter syndrome)

➣ Not enough support?

➣ Not enough clarity?

➣ No ______ skills?

You get the picture. We all have excuses. But it’s time to recognize them for exactly that. Excuses, not facts.

you aren’t alone

This is the learning and development community that you didn’t know you needed.

Right now you can choose whether to keep looking for excuses or to stop making them. Take control. Make the first step to a different future.

When you “wait” for the “right” time you lose the time and the opportunity. Don’t believe when you hear that you have nothing to lose. When you lose time, you lose everything.

  • Community + Feedback
  • Actionable Resources
  • Accountability and Practical Strategies

Here’s what’s inside:

access to a private chat room + unlimited q&a's


40+ existing video training recordings + 1 live training a month + recordings


digital workbooks and worksheets


1 physical mini-journal, mailed to you quarterly


monthly group coaching sessions

(pro level only)

1 bonus 1:1 coaching session at the end of the quarter

(pro level only)

Each topic is arranged by level, so beginners and advanced members can learn and grow together. The collection also has a short guide on where to get started and how to implement simple strategies right away.

When you enroll into our Smart Teacher’s Library, you receive unlimited access to all resources for as long as you wish to use them.

➣ You save money on expensive courses but still get actionable advice that can be implemented right now.

➣ You save time looking for materials and can request a specific topic to be discussed in the online meetings for my smart library members.

➣ You quit stressing over volumes of materials from other marketers, but rather focus on the content created by an online teacher and coach like yourself.

➣ You use proven strategies that will transform you from the exhausted and depressed skype teacher into a passionate creator and a smart online business owner.

➣ You can cut through the online noise and focus on what will help you grow your online teaching business.

As a teacher, business owner and creator, I developed the community that I always wished existed. And with no cancellation fees, there’s no risk.

“What I like most about the library is that there’s always something new going on each month. A new challenge, a new mini-course on a specific aspect of online business etc. I love the community, too. I’ve felt less lonely being part of it.

Alexandra Kapinya

English teacher, Visual English School

your smart investment

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We love staying small! The enrollment opens for new members only a few times a year. Join the waiting list to get notified.

What can you do in the Smart Teacher’s Library that you can’t do anywhere else?

➣ Get access to practical and actionable materials designed for teachers and coaches.

➣ Start wherever you like and work on each training for as long as you can.

➣ Bring your questions to our forum.

➣ Collaborate with others on projects.

➣ Meet with peers weekly to stay accountable to your goals, tasks, and projects.

➣ Participate in monthly challenges.

➣ Receive insightful updates on specific tutorials.

➣ Get special deals on books, workbooks, and coaching packages.

➣ Win free 1:1 coaching sessions (once every 2 months).

For me the chats were the best part. I often need to see what other people think before I take action, so having a group of people to talk to without judgement has been really helpful.

Silvia Perrone

Italian teacher,

What are the materials about?

Most of the materials focus on the business side of teaching online: finding your niche, chiseling your core message, positioning yourself, finding your audience, and speaking to your clients’  hearts, not their heads.

You’ll find materials on:

Social media marketing

Niche and ideal client

Smart and lean advertising

Email marketing

Transition into smart online teaching (setting up systems to work less)

Roadmap for online teacherpreneurs

Free trial service creation

Product/course creation

DIYing your website and branding

“Your material has greatly influenced shifts in my thought processes towards becoming a teacher that tries to work smarter, not necessarily harder or more often.  I often second-guess myself, and it’s been nice to have these resources to check back on to reinforce the idea that what I’m doing is not only ‘acceptable’, but makes sense financially and for my overall happiness with my work.

Jason Cane


You don’t need to be perfect. You don’t need to have it all together. You don’t need to know just a tad more to “qualify.” You are ready now.

Enrollment closed

We love staying small! The enrollment opens for new members only a few times a year. Join the waiting list to get notified.

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