Social media sprint

for small online business owners


For everyone who’s hit the wall but is ready for a breakthrough.

“I have a Facebook page, but I haven’t posted on it for some time.”

“This social media business takes up so much time!”

“I need to keep sharing some stuff on social media, but what?”

“Is social media really working?”

“I hate doing social media. What’s the point?”

“I haven’t found 1 client through it. Is it worth it?”

Is this you speaking?

Fretting over what to post on social media, running from one account to another, wondering if your efforts will pay off? Not knowing how to connect your social media to anything else?

Hating it for pulling you into the black hole of wasted time? Swearing to never do it again?

When you come from a corporate or educational environment where putting yourself out there wasn’t a part of your job description, you look at social media as a threat to your professionalism and a time sucker.


Shouldn’t you be spending time doing your job instead of posting something – anything.

I know that everyone talks about the “power of social media,” but have you experienced it yourself? Have you used it to spread the news about your services?

Position yourself as an authority? Inspire change in others?

I spent years posting the wrong stuff to the wrong crowd, but it wasn’t until I got clear on my strategy, focus and audience that my consistent efforts began paying off.


You might be hitting the wall with your social media efforts, but you don’t have to stay there.

Join me for a 3-day social media sprint where you will gain clarity on how to conquer this beast and receive the tools to help you move forward with decisiveness, not fear.

Who’s behind this?


Hey, I’m Elena Mutonono: your mentor in the world of smart online teaching business. I taught English in the classroom, then via skype, then created a course, then wrote a book, then realized that my wonderful services wouldn’t reach anyone without social media.

So I began posting consistently… for a few years…. until I discovered that I had been posting something for the wrong crowd.

Then I challenged myself to think beyond mere “posting,” and began designing my own social media strategy. That resulted in a growing list, new clients, more flexibility, finances and freedom. I know I’m on the right track, and I’d love to help you get there, too.

Here’s what you’ll take away:


Your personal social media content kit

Basic header and post templates

Ready-made bios that work


Specific call to action to grow your authority


A strategy to automate/delegate everything

Further steps to build on what you’ve done


How long is the sprint?

3 days: September 14 – 16


How does it work?

Don’t worry. I value your time and mine. The sprint is completely asynchronous (except the first live video)

Join me for the live video on the 3 basic social media strategies (Opted Out group on Facebook).

You’ll receive an email with a short video and an assignment daily.

You’ll spend 30 – 60 minutes daily on your assignments.

At the end of the sprint, you’ll receive a checklist to keep you focused.

You’ll also receive plenty of inspiration and cheer along the way.

Support + community + work >> more motivation


(c) 2017, Elena Mutonono