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You’ve been teaching online for some time, but your business model isn’t working for you that well. Perhaps it covers your basic needs and allows you to work from home in your PJs and “meet interesting people all over the world,” but the marketing and the scaling parts wear you out.

You dread the moment when a client says she can’t continue working with you. You realize that you can’t (ever) get sick, and your vacation isn’t a real vacation because you still have to haul your headset and computer everywhere you go.

One of your immediate goals is to double what you’ve been making or at least to see consistency in your monthly revenue without adding extra hours, but is it possible without turning into a corporation or a faceless “online school?” Can you remain small and still scale?

When I began teaching online in 2009, I quickly reached my earning ceiling. After raising prices several times and still being booked out I ventured into the world of “smart online teaching,” groping my way through the dark tunnel with no way to see beyond just a couple of steps.

I wrote a textbook. Several textbooks. Recorded videos. Created courses. Collaborated with people who created courses. Blogged several times a week on a wide range of topics, in two languages. Hired teachers to work for me.

Still, the return on the time investment was minimal. How many courses can you sell exactly when your client database is no more than 50 people? And why would they buy your courses and textbooks when they can work with you 1:1? Why would they want to join your community when all they want is 1:1 interaction with you, and few of them ever show up on social media?

I knew that “pouring new wine into the old wineskins” wasn’t going to work. I couldn’t install new software on an old computer. If I wanted a smart, not a smart-ish business, so I had to change it from the core. I had to redesign my online business to reach far beyond my current clients. I had to be bold and ambitious to change my world.

So I said “no” to all of my 1:1 clients and wrote my first e-book. I shared a story of how I opted out of the traditional classroom and how others could do it, too. I sold the book to 30 random strangers from the Internet who believed in me enough to wire me their money. That was enough to change my mindset and begin working smarter.

That was enough proof to know that what I had was valuable to others.



Within the first 18 months of working with the smart teaching model, I’ve increased my revenue 8 times, working only 20 hours a week. I’ve coached more people through programs and collaborated on a number of projects I’m passionate about.


You have something as valuable as this. In fact, the value you think you have and sell (the lessons to your 1:1 clients) goes beyond the visible audience. There’re people out there who need you.

They’re looking for your courage and your strength. They’re looking for your expertise and your passion. You need to set out on the journey to find them and offer your unique solutions to them.

I know it takes some guts to step into the dark tunnel and begin the journey you’ve never taken before. It takes courage and perseverance. Determination and focus.

But it is possible, and the rewards are huge.

And it’s not as scary because I’d love to help you move away from the hectic schedules and constant exhaustion into the world of smart online teaching.

What is smart online teaching anyway?

“Smart Teaching starts when you say ‘no’ to things that don’t benefit you long term.” ~ Elfin Waters.


  • It allows you to go from 1:1 to 1:∞ without working yourself into the grave.
  • It scales your teaching business (double, triple the revenue) without adding more hours.
  • It focuses on a narrow niche and offers specific solutions for people who need your expertise.
  • It makes you forget the clients who complain about you raising your prices or assigning homework.
  • It turns your business into a purpose-driven mission that makes impact and meaning.
  • It helps you build systems that set you free to where you can take a vacation or decide to enjoy your afternoon off.
  • It sparks your creativity and increases your joy.
  • It assures you that all the hard work you’re putting in today is going to pay off in the end.

How does the Smart Audit work?

  • You fill out the application form below and give me as much detail about your business as you can.
  • I respond within 2 business days to let you know if this program is a good fit for you or if I would suggest something else.
  • If you’re accepted, I invoice you and expect you to pay within 2 business days. Payment plans are available, too.
  • Once you’ve paid, I will email you the link to schedule our sessions, along with specific instructions on what you need to prepare.
  • I expect you to send me your assignments 3 business days prior to the meeting.
  • We will communicate through the chat and google docs prior to the meeting.
  • We will meet online in real time for 1 hour to discuss your assignments and focus on your strategy, and our session will be recorded.
  • You will receive the recording and the notes with a task sheet after the session is over.
  • You will have unlimited Q&A through the next 30 days to complete your tasks and implement the strategies.
  • We will meet 30 days later for a follow-up 30-minute call.
  • I will email you the recording + our detailed work report within 2 business days after the session.

What’s included into my Smart Audit?

2-month pass into my Smart Teacher’s Library
2-month unlimited Q&A through the forum (where I help you focus on your tasks)
1 60-minute session + recording + notes and an action plan
1 30-minute session + recording + a report + an action plan
The Opted Out Planner
My e-book The Numbers Game in the Life of a Teacherpreneur

What do we work on during the Smart Audit?

We focus on 1 theme for our Smart Audit. One bullet below represents a specific theme:

  • Niche, ideal client, content marketing calendar.
  • Your social media strategy + free product + your welcome email
  • Your first product line (3 products outline, description) + copy
  • Your email marketing strategy: from the free product to a sale.
  • Your 1 program/product launch
  • Your content marketing strategy.

How did working with me help these teachers?

After careful thought and consideration, I bit the bullet and signed up for 6 months of coaching with Elena. I needed her guidance to keep me focused and to help me prioritize my projects. In the first month of coaching, she gave me the idea to create my MVP (minimum viable product ) called the Culture Sensitive Phrasebook.

Creating that book was another turning point in my business. I launched it at the end of December, 2016 and from the initial reception, I knew I was onto something and that the book had great potential. Did I earn six figures? Not at all. But so far, the book has opened paths to interviews and collaborations. This book has given me a smart start to my career as a teacherpreneur.

Leandra King

English with Leandra

Before working with Elena,  I was terrified of having to produce content on a regular basis. I’d  realised I’d have to find a niche and I thought I’d found one. After a lot of wasted time and effort, I felt stuck and realised I needed guidance. She helped me find my niche and showed me how to turn my passion into my business. She gave me ideas I would never be able to come up with, and yet, they fit extraordinarily well with my business. Now I have students telling me that my material is exactly what they needed. Looking at my website before and after, it seems like I’m a new person.
Luciana Fernandes

Sounds Like English

How much does the Smart Audit cost?

Your investment is $500, and payment plans are available.

Ready to work with me?

Not sure?

Check out my Brand Story to see if my vision resonates with yours.



I will only work with you if we’re a good fit for each other. The form gives me enough information, and if I have extra questions I will send them your way.

I will not work with people who are computer/Internet illiterate, can’t/won’t learn how to use online apps, hate social media or are looking for the get-rich-quick schemes.

I will not work with people who have serious health conditions that will prevent them from working consistently.

I will not work with people who aren’t ready to work hard and trust my advice and guidance.

I will not do any of the work for you. I’m not a freelancer who writes copy, creates your free magnet or runs your social media for you. I can coach you or your VA how to do it for you.

Questions? Feel free to ask!

If I didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

© Elena Mutonono, 2018

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