Welcome to The Smart Teacher’s Library Affiliate Program

What is an Affiliate?

In business, an Affiliate is a person who is officially associated with another organization and is therefore given permission to share affiliate links about products and/or services of the given organization and receive a commission from every sale that occurs as a result of the affiliate’s referral.

When you apply and are confirmed as an affiliate of The Smart Teacher’s Library, you are qualified to share affiliate links and receive 20% of each sale. 


How does the affiliate relationship work?

Here’s what you need to know before you apply to be The Smart Teacher’s Library affiliate:

  • You can promote by writing a review or sharing the link on your social media (in a human, not spammy way, which means you only share when appropriate).
  • Every time you include your unique affiliate link, you have to mark it with an asterisk (*) and give an affiliate disclosure (see below).
  • When a person buys using your affiliate link, you receive 20% of each sale, and the final amount will be paid out by the end of the month. 


What are the steps to becoming an affiliate?

  1. Please click on this link to register as an affiliate. If you’re a Smart Teacher’s Library member, please make sure you’re logged in – you already have an account. Your account info will appear, you just need to add your payment email (this is important: use your registered PayPal email so you can be paid easily). That’s it!
  2. You will receive an email once your application is approved. 
  3. You will then be able to log in and access your affiliate area, where you can generate your unique affiliate links to the Smart Teacher’s Library and promote it on your website, blog, via email or social media. If someone subscribes through your link, you’ll get paid your commission at the end of the following month. 
  4. To make it super easy for you, we have created the Affiliate Guide and the Affiliate Promo Pack with images and copy-and-paste-ready promo texts you can use on your website or social media.
  5. For more info about how the affiliate program and the payments work, please visit the FAQ section.
  6. If you have any questions, please email at info@elenamutonono.com 

The Affiliate disclosure (copy and paste every time you include affiliate links into your posts).

(for your website/blog/social media): The link(s) included in this post is/are the affiliate link(s). I only recommend what I’ve used myself and found helpful. Clicking the links doesn’t cost you anything, and if you happen to buy the product I will receive a small commission.

The next enrollment

The next enrollment will be open for new members from January 14th to January 20th, 2021.

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