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Wondering if there’s more to online teaching than 1:1 and bulky courses?

What if you worked smarter?

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Let’s do some math.

Maria Teresa is an online teacher who charges $15 per hour teaching Italian. She’s exhausted by the uncertainty of 1:1, the random, low-motivated students who complain about prices and don’t care about learning, and the 5-7 hours of skype lessons that barely pay the bills.

Fast forward 2 months. Maria Teresa develops a unique online program, pitches it to her contacts, prices it right, and sells 3 spots. She makes $300.


What has changed?

>> She has applied smart online teaching principles and repackaged her expertise.

>> Instead of teaching 20 hours she now spends 1.5 hours 1:1 to make $300.

>> She has created a smart business model that grows without cramming extra hours.

>> She works with the students that inspire her.

This may sound too good to be true, but here’s what she said about her experience:


When during our first meeting Elena suggested me to do an Italian Creative Writing workshop, I was sure it wasn’t going to work. … Speaking is what everybody wants to learn, who would be interested in writing? Functional writing, possibly, but creative writing? At that price? No way.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received the first booking, I was speechless with the first payment… Nobody made a comment about the price.

Be Smart. Be Like Maria Teresa.

If I hadn’t met Elena, I’d still be trying and failing to sell Skype lessons. Instead, I’ve launched and sold a minimum viable experience and a mobile learning programme (5 people joined which was my goal). I would never have come up with these ideas without her input because she’s so insightful – it’s as if she has a 6th sense about my business! I only sell to my mailing list (over 500 people after 4 months) and I’m not on any teaching platforms, yet I’m making sales slowly but surely.

Cara Leopold

Online English listening teacher, Leo Listening

I hired Lena for her expertise and experience in the online teaching industry, but what I got was so much more than the new knowledge. She helped me to actually make things happen by giving me the confidence to launch a new product and by providing feedback and support at every step of my journey. It would have taken me years to learn all the strategies, make the connections, and come up with the ideas. The investment has already returned and I know I can further monetize everything that I got for the money.

Veronika Palovska

Writing coach, Do You Speak Freedom

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