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Who are you when you teach online?

Vibrant and bubbly and your best self? Or tired and gulping coffee as you glance nervously at the clock while rushing to your next online class?
Remember the classic story of the Turtle and the Hare?

Are you —

The hare,

working too fast and distracted and making mistakes, anxious, overworked and downright exhausted?

Running on caffeine and cortisol.

Short term juggling.


The turtle,

steady, efficient and smart?

Running on smart systems and purpose.

Long term strategy.

Following the common online teaching advice,

most of us are hares: cramming hours, hustling more clients, never taking a break.
But we’re here because we want to be smart turtles.

The Hare was fast (even too fast), but the Turtle was smart.

Smart Wins in the End.

♬♩ (Do your smartypants dance) ♬♩
If you are “messy” like me – read: a lot of ideas but all tangled up in your head and with few chances of getting them out and make them work for you; if you “only write when inspired”, “only post when you have time”, “I’ve tried everything for like a week or so, and nothing worked”, go for Elena. Silvia Perrone

Italian teacher, Italearn

After a year of working with Elena, I’ve made great business connections, I’ve overcome my fear of blogging and making videos and I’m shrewd about time management and pricing. I have no idea how she does it. She completely respects your individual needs and pushes you so gently that you don’t even realize it until you look back and notice you’ve climbed a mountain and achieved your dreams. Elfin Waters

Italian teacher, All About Italian

I was afraid that it wouldn’t work for me, that I wouldn’t be able to implement whatever Elena advised me to do. Instead, I went from being lost and confused to having a clearer vision and knowing what steps to follow. If you want to start your own online teaching business but you don’t know where to start, Elena is the best person to help you.  Maria Seco

Spanish teacher, Spanish for Camino

There’re more creative ways to teach online than 1:1 and bulky courses that you spend months creating and then can’t sell.
Check them out:
In retrospect, I can see so many places along the way where Elena’s advice was genius. Trisha Traughber

Writing teacher, Vagabond English

If I hadn’t met Elena, I’d still be trying and failing to sell Skype lessons. Instead, I’m not on any teaching platforms, yet I’m making sales slowly but surely. Cara Leopold

Listening teacher, Leo Listening