Why did you get yourself into this online teaching gig?

It sounded so simple in the beginning: advertise, get students, accept payments, be free.


A few months into it, still no students.

You go back to some “marketing gurus” and hear something new and more complicated: find the niche, write your blog, build your website, find some “magic words” to help google find you, go on social media.

5 days into wordpress madness, and you’re about to lose your hair. The students aren’t there yet, and the rent is due.

I haven’t learned all this from the gurus, by the way. I’ve been there.

Fast forward 5 months.

Grudgingly, you post your profile up on a large e-learning website. Begin getting students. Then more students. Then more.

Now you can pay the rent and have cash to buy yourself a bottle of wine to celebrate. But you don’t seem to have time nor desire to run to the store – you’re exhausted.

5 Skype lessons back-to-back are so draining you have now lost all your desire to teach.

And they never stop.

What about a vacation? Is it even possible now? What if you lose all your students?

Who said online teaching means freedom?

I hear your pain.

So what now?

What if I told you that


  • You don’t have to depend on your 1:1 students for income?
  • You can create a smarter system where your future clients will want you to teach them, on your terms.
  • You can build your list and use your unique content to connect with your every subscriber.
  • You can create programs/courses/products that your subscribers will buy.

It’s not just a flaky Facebook ad. I’ve actually gotten to the skype-lessons-dead-end and taken a bold step into scaling my business through consistent list building.

I went from making $0 in January of 2016 to $2,000 in 6 months, without worrying about looking for 1:1 students.

My name is Elena Mutonono, and I’m passionate about transforming teachers into teacherpreneurs. I help you discover the liberating power of email and how it can help you change your mindset from “an online lessons instructor” to an “online business owner.”

My posts have been featured on Off2Class, FluentU, British Council Facebook Page for Teachers of English, and a few others.

The Regional English Language Office in Kyiv, Ukraine, funded my first online teacher development program in 2009. I’ve also been privileged to receive the TESOL International Professional Development Award.

I’m a Ukrainian wife of a Zimbabwean man, a mother of 2 precious trilingual kids, and a kids-nap-time-teacherpreneur. I love Pilates and yoga, good food, walks in the park, and time with friends.

I live in New Orleans, so by default I love partying, “Laissez les bon temps rouler.”

I hate cleaning because it takes my kids 10 minutes to destroy my 1 hour of work. The lowest return on my investment!

I experience withdrawals if I go a few days without reading. Writing (aka loud key-punching) keeps me sane.

If I happen to have free time after doing all of the above, I catch up on my sleep.

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