OnlineBound Podcast #1

What does smart online teaching mean?

March 10, 2021

In the first episode of OnlineBound, I talk about the mission of this podcast (and my whole business): Helping online teachers work smarter and have the freedom, flexibility, and the income that they want.

Tune in to learn about my own journey to smart online teaching, the lessons I’ve learned along the way, and the exact steps you can take now to work smarter, even if you don’t feel ready yet. 

You start where you are. The busy, the tired, the exhausted you are enough to start making changes towards working smarter. Not when you have enough and then you use the time margin to make something.


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Discussed in this episode:

  • What is smart online teaching, anyway? The differences between smart online teaching and the “default” way of teaching online:
    • Smart online teaching happens when you no longer have to hustle for 1:1 clients and you are still making money and impact and your clients are still learning
    • Smart online teaching focuses on the teacher’s long-term goals and helps them take concrete steps to make the goals happen, instead of hoping that one day it will all sort itself out
  • How smart online teaching makes our work more effective and enjoyable both for ourselves and our clients, and how hustling for 1:1 lessons and clients is not just exhausting for us, but also unfair to our clients
  • Finding the courage to make change happen, even if you don’t feel ready yet 
  • The exact steps you can take to start working smarter and have the freedom, flexibility, and the income that you want:
    • Finding your niche. What exactly it means, what mistakes teachers make, why “tailoring your lessons to your students’ needs” doesn’t work, and why “exam prep” or “teaching English to adult Russian students” aren’t examples of niches 
    • Reevaluating your relationship with time. Why busyness doesn’t mean productivity and why you need to give yourself permission to stop charging for hours and start charging for your expertise.  
    • Realizing you already have all it takes to succeed. 

Links and resources

? To get started with smart online teaching, get my free Smart Teacher’s Kit

? To learn more about my personal story of transitioning to smart online teaching, read my book Flowers in the Frost: The Untold Stories of Online Teaching

About Elena Mutonono

Elena Mutonono is a seasoned business coach who helps online language teachers move beyond 1:1 lessons and create a smarter system that lets you teach on your own terms and guaranties a stable income.

Elena is the author and co-author of 5 books, the creator of several online courses and the hostess in the Smart Teacher’s Library — a community for online language teachers and coaches.

She is one of the organizers of the Online Teacher Summit — an annual online conference that brings together hundreds of online language teachers and coaches and inspires them to move toward working smarter.

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OnlineBound is created and produced by Elena Mutonono and edited by Hanna James. Podcast notes, branding, graphic design, and tech support by Veronika Palovska. Podcast music by James Martin.

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