OnlineBound Podcast #2

Gill Andrews: How to describe your product or service on your website

March 24, 2021

In this episode of OnlineBound, I talk to Gill Andrews, a conversion copywriter and web consultant. She takes us behind the scenes of her business and explains what exactly copywriters do and how they can help small business owners like you and me. 

Gill is has been very generous with sharing her expertise and you can expect to learn a few things people pay serious money to learn in copywriting courses, like the exact way to structure your product page so that it helps you sell your online course or program (it’s surprisingly easy!).

Besides, you’ll learn about some smart business strategies, like creating a “productized service” or writing a book the smart way.

It’s better to do and regret than not to do and regret. Be less chicken and allow yourself to make more mistakes. 


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Discussed in this episode:

  • What is copywriting, what does a copywriter do, and why it matters 
  • What is a productized service (also called tripwire service) and how Gill uses it to get clients
  • How language teachers can develop and use productized services to work smarter and teach fewer 1:1 lessons (a real-life example) 
  • Allowing yourself to make more mistakes when you’re scared of making mistakes
  • How Gill and Elena wrote their books the smart way 
  • What exactly to write on a product page so that it helps you sell your course or product 
  • What comes first, a product or an audience? 

About Gill Andrews

Gill is a conversion copywriter and web consultant based in Germany. She works with small and medium businesses that want to make their websites more profitable.

Gill can explain the most complicated things in plain language – a skill she uses while auditing websites and writing high-converting copy for clients as well as teaching business owners who take care of their websites themselves how to improve their sites.

Gill is also an author of a book “Making your website work: 100 copy & design tips for smart business owners” that has great reviews on Amazon.


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? Twitter: @StoriesWithGill

? LinkedIn: Gill Andrews

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