OnlineBound Podcast Episode 10

Building systems into your business to work more efficiently and profitably

September 29, 2021

In this episode, I talk to Natasha Vorompiova, the founder of Systemsrock and the person who helped me transform my business by creating better systems. Systems may not sound like the sexiest topic in the world, but after you listen to this episode, you will know why they rock and why they aren’t just for the big companies.

When you streamline your work, you not only gain more time and mental space, but also confidence — and that’s how you become more profitable, too. Tune in and find out how it all applies to online language teachers.

Systems are critical because that’s what the client eventually buys. They’re buying the result that is produced by you taking them through the specific process.


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Discussed in this episode:

  • What are systems, why they aren’t so scary, and why you need them even as a one-person business 
  • Why and how to overcome the “I’m not a systems person” limiting belief
  • How systems help both you and your clients be more relaxed and confident
  • How systems help you talk to clients so that they listen and trust you 
  • The exact steps to creating systems when working with clients as a teacher or coach 
  • How to increase your capacity without overbooking yourself
  • Scaling your business: What options you have once you reach your capacity for taking on new clients (other than creating an online course)

Links and resources

? The Smart Teacher’s Library — a community where online language teachers learn to build a successful business on their own terms

About Natasha Vorompiova

Natasha Vorompiova is a metrics whisperer and the founder of Systemsrock. She unlocks the treasures hidden in her clients’ data and helps them turn their marketing into a precision machine so that they can adjust the dials to get to 7 or 8 figures with less hassle and guesswork. By partnering with her, Natasha’s clients grow their businesses in an intentional, predictable way and have certainty in what tomorrow holds.

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? Instagram: @natasha.vorompiova 

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