OnlineBound Podcast #16

Veronika Palovska: On freedom and responsibility when we teach online

December 22, 2021

In the last episode of this season of OnlineBound, I talk to Veronika Palovska, a brand strategist and my business partner in crime. We dive into the topic of freedom, how growing up in post-communist countries shaped our perception of it, and some of the ways it shows when running our businesses.

This conversation is about the importance of having your own definition of freedom and the courage it takes to pursue real freedom, not just the idea of it. We hope you’ll join us.

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Discussed in this episode:

  • Our experience of growing up in post-communist countries and what it taught us about freedom
  • Why gaining freedom through online (teaching) business a great selling point — and what the ads don’t say
  • Why freedom isn’t easy
  • Why you need your own definition of freedom
  • The mindsets we need to leave behind if we want to be truly free

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About Veronika Palovska

Veronika Palovska is the founder of Do You Speak Freedom, a blog for online teachers and coaches, the co-founder and co-host (together with Elena) of the Smart Teacher’s Library, and the author and co-author of several books for online teachers and coaches. Her latest book is a workbook of writing prompts for online teachers and coaches, Writing for Dream Clients

Since 2016, she’s been helping online teachers with branding, content marketing, and design so they can also build an independent business instead of selling their souls on online teaching marketplaces. She has helped tens of online teachers launch their blogs, websites, and their first products (books, workbooks, online courses, and programs).


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OnlineBound is created and produced by Elena Mutonono and edited by Hanna James. Podcast notes, branding, graphic design, and tech support by Veronika Palovska. Podcast music by James Martin.

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