OnlineBound Podcast #18

Henneke Duistermaat on how blogging for 1 person helps you build relationships with larger communities

March 31, 2022

In this interview with Henneke Duistermaat, you’ll learn what you always wanted to know about blogging for business but were afraid to ask:

Is blogging dead? If I want to blog, where do I start? How do I write faster? What does it actually mean to write for one person, and is it a good idea? How do I balance connection with readers and selling? Is a newsletter different from a blog post, and if so, what do I write in there? And how about blog images, how do I avoid clichés in my blog visuals?

Tune in to find the answers, plus blogging tips and examples for language teachers specifically.

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About Henneke

Henneke is an irreverent writer on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook. She quit her corporate job and founded Enchanting Marketing in 2012 to help small business owners and freelancers find their voice so they can share their ideas with gusto and inspire their audience.

Henneke was recognized as a Top 50 Content Marketer based on research by Express Writers and BuzzSumo (2018). Her writing courses receive enthusiastic reviews and she’s written two 5-starred books: How to Write Seductive Web Copy and Blog to Win Business.

Henneke’s blog, Enchanting Marketing

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