Lindsay Williams on changing your mindset when you teach online

OnlineBound Podcast #23

Lindsay Williams on changing your mindset when you teach online.

June 16, 2022

In this episode I’m speaking with Lindsay Williams about changing her mindset from a local language teacher to an online teacher to an online entrepreneur. Listen in to learn the story of Lindsay’s first course launch and her initial struggles with marketing.

We discuss why online language teachers find marketing most challenging, how teachers’ altruistic nature, coupled with highly commoditized industry of language teaching, prevents them from making their businesses sustainable.

Lindsay shares her insights on finding the balance between sharing our work for free vs. charging money for it. And don’t miss her helpful tips on how to go through global and personal changes when you work online.

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About Lindsay

Lindsay Williams is the language obsessed human behind Lindsay Does Languages, a business dedicated to inspiring independent language learners and online tutors to succeed when doing it solo. She speaks a varying number of languages depending on the day of the week and how awake her brain is, but has studied 13+ to some degree of competence. One of her favourite projects is Language Stories, a video and podcast language documentary series. Lindsay helps solo language learners get better at language learning in her group program, Language Life.

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