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OnlineBound Podcast #32

Marija Dobrovolska on why she (almost) shut down her business

December 22, 2022

In this episode I’m speaking with Marija Dobrovolska, a German teacher and the founder of Deutsch mit Marija Youtube channel.

Marija shares her experiences when she decided to (almost) shut down her business which was affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine. The decision wasn’t easy as her business was generating over 650k euros a year and employed 17 people.

Listen in on how Marija navigated and is still navigating this challenge, how it shifted her mindset about what she really wants for her business, how she wants and doesn’t want it to grow and how she was able to make a hard decision in the midst of the pressure to remain positive and tough.

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About Marija Dobrovolska


Marija Dobrovolska was born 1983 in Riga, Latvia and grew up there.

She moved to Germany for studies when she was 22. After university she decided not to become a school teacher and taught German to adults instead until 2016. She started her Youtube channel for advanced German learners, Deutsch mit Marija – along with the corresponding online language school. 2022, after her business experienced heavy turbulence because of the war in Ukraine, Marija had to rethink everything… And she is willing to tell you all about it. When Marija doesn’t teach, she reads, sings, spends time with her dog or tames her teenage daughter Katarina unsuccessfully 🙂

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