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OnlineBound Podcasts #33-37

Between the Seasons

January, 2023

Welcome to Between the Seasons, a tiny series between my regular podcast seasons where I share my insights on the messy middle times in our lives and help you shift your thoughts.

I want to explore the mindset loops that can make us feel stuck and share some of my stories of growth.

In a slight break from our regular format, all the Between the Seasons episodes can be found below.

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Past episodes

Feb 9, 2023: By now my business should
Script for Feb 9, 2023

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Feb 2, 2023: Waiting for the right time
Script for Feb 2, 2023

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Jan 19, 2023: The yes, but first thought loop
Script for Jan 19, 2023

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Jan 12, 2023: The all or nothing thought pattern and its impact on the way we run a business
Script for Jan 12, 2023
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Elena Mutonono is a seasoned business coach who helps online language teachers move beyond 1:1 lessons and create a smarter system that lets you teach on your own terms and guarantees a stable income.

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