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OnlineBound Podcasts #39-40

Olly Richards on storytelling and mindset shifts in business

April 27, 2023

In these episodes, I’m speaking with Olly Richards, the founder of StoryLearning. In the first half of our talk, we discuss the importance of stories and the stress of growing a business.

Olly describes the role of storytelling in language learning and how he built his methodology around it. He also shares what makes it so effective as a marketing tool for small businesses.

In the second part of the interview, we continue talking about the relationship we have with money as business owners, the anxiety that can result, and how to overcome those feelings.

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Olly Richards is the founder of, an author and language specialist who lives in Devon, UK. StoryLearning reaches millions of people monthly through various media including blogs, YouTube and podcast. Olly has published 20+ books with language publisher Teach Yourself, and dozens more with his own publishing house, StoryLearning Press. In addition to teaching languages, Olly writes about education businesses at and is co-founder of, a creator education business.

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