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OnlineBound Podcast #44

Tiffani Clairborne on creating engaging and life-changing content

June 15, 2023

In this episode, I’m talking with Tiffani Clairborne, founder of Speak English with Tiffani. She describes how she built a successful YouTube channel – with over 2 million subscribers!

Tiffani’s core motivation is service, and it drives everything she does. Her goal is to help as many people as she can and loves seeing how her work has changed people’s lives.

She emphasizes the idea that you should always do your best, but resist comparing yourself to others. Instead, admire other creators and use them as inspiration to better yourself.

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About Tiffani Clairborne

Tiffani Claiborne is the founder of Speak English With Tiffani Academy, an online English academy that helps English learners worldwide speak English confidently. In addition to her Academy, some of her other accomplishments include:

  • Launching an English app (”English With Tiffani”)
  • Giving a TEDx presentation
  • Having her English lessons broadcast on Korean TV
  • Producing a full English pronunciation video course with one of the top English language institutes in South Korea

Before devoting her time to teaching English, Tiffani worked as a Web Designer at NASA. But, her passion for helping others led her to quit her job at NASA and move all the way to South Korea.

During her time in South Korea, she served as a missionary English teacher. She also learned how to speak Korean fluently. Her journey to learning Korean helped her better understand the struggles her students were facing. This experience also helped her develop new methods that led her to teach thousands of students how to speak English with confidence.

As she watched her students improve and gain confidence in themselves, Tiffani realized how much she loved teaching English. So, with a desire to continue helping students, Tiffani started a YouTube channel called “Speak English With Tiffani”.

The YouTube channel continued to grow and now has over 2 million subscribers. Currently, Tiffani’s main goal as a teacher is to help 1 billion students worldwide speak English confidently.

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