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OnlineBound Podcast #45

Maritza Parra on shifting your mindset to get new results

June 29, 2023

In this episode, Maritza Parra talks about the power of thoughts and how they shape our reality. She describes how strategies aren’t enough if your thoughts keep you from acting.

Maritza shares her own journey of overcoming shame and transforming the way she views making money. This allowed her to build her business the way she wanted it to be.

She also talks about selling and the importance of selling to yourself first. Only when you convince yourself of the value of your offer can you begin to see results.

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About Maritza Parra

Maritza Parra spent most of her career as a classical dressage equestrienne, performer and breeder of Andalusian & Lusitano horses. She built a thriving newsletter list of horse enthusiasts and sold instructional DVDs, books, products and riding clinics at her farm. Along the way, she began coaching women. After a riding accident in 2015 she decided to hang up her boots and sold her farm and horses in 2017.

She wrote the book Heartwork Journaling in 2018. Doodle Your Emotions series launched in 2020. Heartwork Journaling University was founded in 2020. The Heartwork Journaling Certification program began in 2022. Through these programs she has helped thousands of people around the world learn how to coach themselves to or through anything using simple creativity tools. She spends her time doing what she loves – coaching and creating lessons for students in HJU, and teaching future HWJ Instructors and coaches.

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