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OnlineBound Podcast #49

Claudia Alvarez Calderon on taking tiny steps towards big dreams

September 14, 2023

My guest for this episode is Claudia Alvarez Calderon, an online teacher of Italian and Spanish. She shares her insights on how her confidence has grown over the past six months.

She shares the reasons that she joined the Smart Teacher’s Library and the benefits it has provided. She also talks about the power of community and having some accountability.

We talk about how she’s transitioning to teaching asynchronously, and the freedom it provides. She also shares the mindset shifts that come with teaching fewer 1:1 sessions.

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About Claudia Alvarez Calderon

Claudia likes helping people fall in love even more with learning languages, specifically Italian and Spanish. She’s Italian-Peruvian and grew up speaking Spanish, Italian and English, which is why her YouTube channel is called Spanglitalian!

She started her teaching journey as a CELTA qualified English teacher and then applied those skills to teach Spanish and Italian. She has a degree in Literature and Music from La Sapienza University in Rome and currently lives in a little village in the Italian Alps with her husband and cat and teaches languages online. When she’s not teaching and creating videos for her students, she loves crocheting, singing, playing the ukelele, trying out new vegan recipes, doing puzzles and studying Quechua, one of Peru’s native languages.

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