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OnlineBound Podcast #54

Nina Asseng on bringing more playfulness into launching

November 23, 2023

In this episode, Nina Asseng talks about how self-coaching helped her to recover from a disappointing first launch. She broke free of her negativity and gained mental stability.

After taking her “failure” very personally, Nina became overwhelmed by the rollercoaster of emotions that come with selling. She sought support in the Library to help her manage them.

Now, she has the tools to analyze her results, learn from them, and adjust her approach. Her launches are more playful and natural, and she feels proud of all the hard work she’s done.

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About Nina Asseng

I have to admit first, that I am really an artist. I started acting at a very young age and played music in bands for all my 20s.

I wrote and produced a lot of my tracks. I wrote lyrics, melodies and trained my ear to rhythm, sound and feeling.

Making things was always my happy place, sharing it with others was absolution.

But I hated the industry and the reality of art.

When I decided to live location-independent I needed to find a source on income.

I knew I could teach, words were always easy for me and my mother (also an excellent German teacher) has shared her knowledge with me my entire life. I grew up being taught. I found an online teaching opportunity and packed my bags.

This is now 6 years ago.

The first years I understood the systems, met hundreds of students, understood how they progress, brushed up my grammar and discovered my passion for teaching, meeting people from all over the world and mostly perfecting strategies to make it easy for them to soak in knowledge. I got my degree in German as a foreign language teacher in a one year intense program and founded my company German4work.

I noticed in my teaching that most students goal was a successful life in Germany. And the main factor was work. I also notice that I was really good at preparing students for job interviews and coaching them through the process.

All business language programs usually have a very serious feeling to it and are very expensive so I wanted to offer something that especially foreigners with less financial opportunities could afford.

I first had the idea for german4work about three years ago. It has been a long way to put everything together and even understand what I want to be selling.

But I learned to trust and enjoy the process.

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