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OnlineBound Podcast #64

Leo Roux on the power of creating learning spaces that cater to queer language learners

June 27, 2024

In this episode, Leo Roux shares his journey as a queer language teacher. After getting his CELTA certificate and starting to work with students, he noticed something wasn’t right.

Eventually, he realized that he didn’t feel comfortable sharing his queer identity in the ELT community. Partly, this is because most ELT materials are biased toward straightness.

He decided that he wanted to create a safe learning space for the queer community. Now he is able to be himself and provide a safe environment for queer language learners to thrive.

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About Leo Roux

Hi. My name is Leo Roux (he/him), and I’m developing a queer-friendly online learning community for English learners.

I aim to provide LGBTQIA+ English learners with a safe, affirming learning environment, and to empower them to think critically and advocate for themselves in real-life English-language situations. Along the way, and as things grow, I hope members will also find true community with each other – and perhaps even validation and courage whenever they might be in need.

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