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OnlineBound Podcasts #46-48

Between the Seasons

August, 2023

Welcome to another installment of Between the Seasons, a tiny series between my regular podcast seasons where I share my insights on a specific topic.

This time, I’m sharing what you need to know to begin selling, how to talk about your offer, how to share its value, and how to show that the value that your program has is so much greater than people’s most common objections: time, money, status, or limiting beliefs.

For this Between the Seasons series, all episodes can be found below.

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Aug 17, 2023: Why online language teachers struggle with selling on social media
Script for Aug 17, 2023

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Aug 10, 2023: You can't opt out of sales when you teach online

Script for Aug 10, 2023

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Elena Mutonono is a seasoned business coach who helps online language teachers move beyond 1:1 lessons and create a smarter system that lets you teach on your own terms and guarantees a stable income.

To learn more, check out her About page.

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OnlineBound is created and produced by Elena Mutonono and edited by Hanna James. Podcast notes, graphic design, and tech support by Jessica Gardner. Podcast music by James Martin.

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